Repair work due to deflections of the floor slabs and the appearance of cracks on the load-bearing walls

Filling voids and lifting subsided structures
Industrial building
Factory for the production of semi-finished products
Reinforcement of the base and re-leveling of structures to the design level
Moscow region
Time of work
2016 г.
The timing
10 days


At the end of 2016, at the factory for the production of semi-finished products, in a workshop area of 2500 sq. m., during a comprehensive survey, significant areas of decomposed soil were found, as well as areas of voids formed between the floor slab and the ground. This, in turn, led to the deflection of the floor slabs, the appearance of cracks on the load-bearing walls and as a result, the production process stops, due to the violation of the geometry of industrial machinery. According to the preliminary conclusion, problems with the ground of the base could arise due to breakwodn of the sewer.


Uretek specialists had a task to strengthen the soil layer at a depth of 1.5 to 4.0 m, fill voids, and re-level the floor slabs in the zones, according to the designed project.

The technology:

Injection of geopolymer compounds for deep reinforcement, filling voids and leveling the floor plate.


In 10 working days, Uretek carried out complex works on deep reinforcement, filling the void and re-leveling the floor slab to the design values. The successful work carried out and allowed the customer to start launching production lines the next day.

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