Elimination of the leakage of the entrance to the underground garage of a private residential building

Entrance to the underground garage
Waterproofing a wall in the ground
Moscow region
Time of work
2016 г.
The timing
1 day

Problem to be solved:

Carrying out works on restoration of waterproofing outside the fences of the entrance to the underground garage. During a few hours, without excavation and disturbance for inhabitants

Initial data:

Systematic moistening and water leakage on the sides of the enclosing walls was observed on the site of a residential building with an underground garage, which led to the formation of mold and puddles in the area of leaks.


Waterproofing of retaining walls, preventing moisture penetration through the joints in concrete wall blocks and the formation of water puddles on the driveway to the basement garage.

Applied technologies:

The solution to the problem was provided by the SLAB LIFTING injection method, according to the URETEK technology. At the same time, the injection of URETEK polymer with waterproofing properties was carried out into the place of contact walls with the ground through metal pipes of a small diameter, which made it possible to carry out waterproofing works quickly and efficiently. At the same time, in addition to creating a waterproof coating on the outer surface of the walls (due to contact filtration of the solution during its hardening), the existing voids in the walls and soil were filled together with its compaction.


As a result of injections performed during 4 hours, a waterproofing barrier was created. It prevented moisture from penetrating through the seams in the concrete wall blocks that enclose the entrance to the garage.

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